Peter Houlihan PH Photography 55 Orwell Woods
Orwell Park
Dublin 6

Telephone +353 (0) 87 9393 571

About Peter Houlihan

Peter has worked full-time and freelance with the largest Photographic Agencies in Ireland over the last 15 years. His photographs are published weekly in all national newspapers and his work has appeared in most magazines in Ireland.

In 2009, Peter decided it was time to set-up his own identity and there began PH Photography. Since its inception his business has flourished working with leading PR companies and photographic agencies, while also freelancing with one of the national newspapers.

Throughout his extensive career, Peter has gained experience in all aspects of photography. He has photographed Kings, Queens, Presidents, celebrities and high profile business people from all over the globe. It is his professionalism, the ability to anticipate a picture before it happens and capture that moment, that sets him apart from the rest.